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Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center History

The Story Behind Our Hotel

Originally conceived just before the outbreak of the Second World War, Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center opened its doors to the public on September 17, 1951, operated by Bill Garrison. The Michigan Hotel Association sought to create a facility in which they could house everything needed to hold an educational conference under one roof as a sort of laboratory in hotel management. This idea interested the Kellogg Foundation as a means to provide a venue for adult education, and the Kellogg Foundation financed the building, donating $1.4 million. With a land grant and additional $500,000 from the State Board of Agriculture, Michigan State University became the site of the first Kellogg Center for Continuing Education—an important milestone in the history of MSU. Today, there are eleven Kellogg Centers throughout the United States.

The Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center, today under the direction of General Manager Rebecca Selesky, continues to act as a learning laboratory for the approximately 800 students enrolled in Michigan State University’s The School of Hospitality Business. Exemplifying the MSU ideal of “DOSE” (Delivering Outstanding Spartan Experiences), students learn how to provide the best service and customer experience in all branches of the hospitality industry. Because of their hard work and attention to detail, the Center is able to host over 400,000 visitors a year for weddings, seminars, conferences, meetings and other events; providing first-rate accommodations and world-class service. Representing more than a regular campus hotel, the Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center is an integral part of Michigan State University history.