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Our Hotel

Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center opened its doors to the public on Sept. 17, 1951. The Michigan Hotel Association sought to create a facility in which they could house everything needed to hold an educational conference under one roof as a sort of laboratory in hotel management. The W.K. Kellogg Foundation financed the building, donating $1.4 million, as a means to provide a venue for adult education. With a land grant and an additional $500,000 from the State Board of Agriculture, Michigan State University became the site of the first Kellogg Center for Continuing Education — an important milestone in the history of MSU. Today, there are 11 Kellogg Centers throughout the U.S.

Mailing Address

Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center
Michigan State University
219 S. Harrison Road.
East Lansing, MI 48824-1022

Phone: 517-432-4000
Reservations: 800-875-5090
Fax: 517-353-1872

Sustainability and Recycling Program

clean the world dot org

Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center is a partner in the Clean the World program. Our housekeeping team collects unused soap and bottled amenities from guest rooms. We sort the products and return them to a Clean the World processing center. Clean the World takes the unused items, sterilizes them and redistributes repackaged soaps to those in need all over the world. As a part of the program, Kellogg receives quarterly impact statements that report how much soap we save. For more information, visit cleantheworld.org.