Event Policies

Function Requirements

All meeting requirements, menu, and other food and beverage selections should be confirmed no later than 14 days prior to the function date. Changes in banquet or meeting room arrangements within 72 hours of the scheduled starting time may be subject to a $150.00 labor fee. Fees will be determined on-site by the Event Manager.

Function Space

If the event’s attendance numbers are significantly different than those described in the booking contract, we reserve the right to adjust the room assignment based on actual attendance numbers. The event is required to observe the schedules described in the booking contract and the event must vacate its assigned rooms according to that schedule. We reserve the right to charge for room usage outside of the scheduled times, plus additional labor charges arising from such usage. 

Room Rates and Rental Fees

Event fees are based on attendance numbers provided by the client and bundled services provided. Revisions in the event minimum attendance, times, date, or meal functions may necessitate the revision of the room rates and rental fees. Accordingly, we reserve the right to revise the fees for the event if the event’s commitments change.


A service charge is added to food, beverage, and audio-visual prices to offset facility maintenance and administrative costs. Michigan sales tax is applicable to the service charge unless the entity is Michigan sales tax exempt. See booking contract for service charge rates. The service charge does not replace a gratuity for the servers and/or hotel staff. If the event is not held within the year that the estimate is given, service charges, food, beverage, and audio-visual prices may be subject to an increase of not more than 10% year over year. Deliveries made to a building/location on the campus of Michigan State University require a minimum food/beverage order of $250. Deliveries made to a building/location off the campus of Michigan State University require a minimum food/beverage order of $550. The minimum requirement does not include the service charge and Michigan sales tax. For an event with multiple delivery times and/or locations, additional delivery/transportation charges may apply.

Food and Beverage Service

All food and beverage must be supplied by us. Outside food and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are prohibited. We cannot guarantee that allergens were not introduced during another stage of the food supply chain process or, inadvertently, during preparation. GF indicates gluten-friendly menu selections, V indicates vegetarian menu selections, VG indicates vegan selections, and * indicates may contain nuts. Based on time, temperature and regulations, food can only be held for a maximum of four hours.

Entrée Selection and Substitution

We will provide entrée substitutions for dietary, allergen, or religious purposes. The group must supply guest selections five days before the date of the event with a final guarantee. If the group does not provide substitution requests in accordance with the timeline described above, we have no obligation to provide substitute entrées. We may try to accommodate these requests, however, an additional charge for the substitute entrée will be assessed, along with any additional service charges and tax.

Multiple Entrée Selections

We allow groups to choose up to three entrée selections for their event. If two entrée or three entrée selections are ordered, a $2.00 multiple entrée fee per person will be assessed for each selection. Guest selections must be received five days before the date of the event with a final guarantee. Any changes to entrée selections at the time of the event will be charged in addition to the entrées guaranteed and prepared. The client will be responsible for providing nametags or place cards to indicate entrée selections.

Beverage Orders

The event will be charged for all beverages that are ordered whether or not all bottles are used at the event, excluding house wine. Wine is priced per bottle and must be ordered by the case, excluding house wine. Wine orders, with the exception of house wine, must be confirmed 14 days in advance; bottles will be ordered and billed based on this number. Any beverages, excluding liquor, not consumed during the event will be available to the on-site contact upon the conclusion of the event. If an event requires beverages that are not available on the regular banquet menu, those beverage selections may be ordered through us. All selections rotate based on availability. Product substitutions based on supply will be equal to or greater than the current product.

Labor Charges

A labor charge of $75.00 per server, per hour, will be assessed for butler-style served hors d’oeuvres.

Bartender Charges

For all events, cash bars, and hosted bars of less than 50 guests, a bartender fee of $75.00 will be assessed on each bar or when an additional bartender is requested. Standard bar staffing is one per 150 Guests.

Event Signage and Banners

If the client would like a banner to be hung in our facilities, prior approval and coordination are required. Please provide banners 24 hours in advance for proper hanging. A list of daily events is posted throughout our facilities to direct guests to the correct banquet or meeting room. All banquet and meeting rooms have either a paper sign holder meeting room. All banquet and meeting rooms have either a paper sign holder or digital signage outside of the room to indicate the event within. We will include the name of the event on the signage as described on the booking contract. If more specific signage is desired, the client will be responsible for providing it. No posters or signs may be located or hung in our lobbies without prior written permission from our management. Scotch tape, nails, pushpins, or other potentially damaging fasteners may not be used to hang signs or other materials on walls of our facilities. Easels are available for rent on a limited basis for information purposes. Please contact your Sales and Event Manager should you have questions about a banner or signage.

Outdoor Events

Events contracted outdoors are contingent on weather conditions. We will communicate with the contracting party if we determine the weather conditions are not safe to hold an event outdoors. We reserve the right to delay or cancel the event up to two hours prior to the event start time due to inclement weather. Tent rentals are available. Please contact your Sales and Event Manager for pricing.

Audio-Visual and Equipment Needs

All equipment and services can be arranged with our conference services department. For your convenience, we provide full audio-visual services. We request that conference services be notified in advance of any equipment that will be provided by the client.

Equipment, Materials, and Decorations

Due to limited storage, we cannot store décor, materials, flowers, or cake. All materials, equipment, and decorations will need to be removed at the conclusion of your event. We will assist with the setup of favors and place cards only. Glass enclosures are required for any candles. Glitter, feathers, confetti, or metallic chips are not permitted. Decorations may not be hung from the ceiling or walls.

Damage, Repair, and Maintenance Charges

We reserve the right to inspect and control all events held at facilities managed by us. Costs arising from damage to the premises will be charged to the representative making the arrangements. Additional labor charges will be charged to events if more than standard clean-up is required. Fees will be assessed by our Event Manager at the close of the event.


We reserve the right to require additional security services to monitor events held at facilities managed by us at the client’s expense. We will provide advanced notice if security will be required and will invoice the event for the additional fees associated with security.

Tobacco-free Zone

Michigan State University is a tobacco-free zone (including e-cigs) and no tobacco use will be allowed on Michigan State University property. Tobacco use in vehicles located at Michigan State University is prohibited as well. For more information, visit tobaccofree.msu.edu.

Table and Chair Inventory

For events at the MSUFCU Club at Spartan Stadium, we will provide up to 30 Round Tables and 300 Chairs for events. Any additional or different table or chair requirements will incur a rental fee. This fee is determined at the time of detailing the event. Tables and chairs are rented from an outside vendor. Changes in banquet or meeting room arrangements within 24 hours of the scheduled starting time may be subject to a $150.00 labor fee and will be determined on-site by the Event Manager.