Curbside To-Go Wine Packages

Wine Packages (Price Includes Tax)


  • Rosé Sampler (Three-Pack – Variety of Rose) - $27
  • Spring Fresh Mix (Three-Pack - One bottle each white, red, and rosé) - $31
  • Sparkling Sampler (Three-Pack - Variety of Sparkling) - $35
  • Michigan Sampler (Three-Pack - Variety of Michigan Wine) $40
  • Grill Out Mix (Six-Pack - Three bottles each, variety of reds and whites) - $60
  • Cellar Sampler (Six-Pack - Two each of three different bottles with age potential) - $85
  • Cellar Sampler (12-Pack - Two each of six different bottles with age potential) - $155 

Single Bottles

  • MSU Red or White (Add single bottle Cynisca Dry Riesling or Leonidas Bordeaux Blend) - $26/bottle 
  • California Cabernet or Chardonnay (Add single bottle) - $25/bottle 
  • Sparkling Wine - $20/bottle
  • Steele California Half Bottles (375ml) (Pinot Noir or Chardonnay) - $15 each
  • Split Bottle Sparkling Wine (187ml) | Illahe Vineyards and Winery ‘Capitol Fizz’ - $8/bottle 
  • Single Mimosa Kit (Includes 187 ml small bottle of sparkling wine and 12 oz orange juice) - $8 

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Wine Packages


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