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French Wine Dinner

With French Winemaker Nicolas Hirissou

Thursday, Nov. 2 | 6:30 p.m.
Four courses with wine, featuring dishes prepared by our State Room chefs
$79/person (All-Inclusive | Prepay Event)

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The Domaine du Moulin History:
Vintners and Winemakers From Father to Son for Six Generations and More Than 180 Years
In Gaillac, France, the birthplace of the vineyards, the Hirissou family has worked for three centuries on its vines. It is deeply rooted in this land on both banks of the Tarn. With the birth of Pierre Hirissou in 1827, they planted the first vines. In 1855, with the birth of his son, Antoine Hirissou, the vineyard developed considerably. The son of Antoine, Henri Hirissou continued the wine adventure and gave birth to two sons who were also vine growers. One on the limestone clay soil of the right bank of the Tarn, Pierre Hirissou and the other on the gravel of the left bank of the Tarn, Georges Hirissou. Jean Paul Hirissou, son of Georges took over the family estate in 1976. In 1995, they started construction of a new cellar. In 2001, they purchased the right bank of Monsieur Jeansou's property near the cellar. In 2002, Nicolas Hirissou joined his father, Jean Paul, after studying oenology and completing an internship in the vineyards of the Nappa Valley. In 2010, they purchased the property on the commune of Florentin hitherto. (
Estate vineyards grow on two different terroirs; whites in particular benefit from limestone soils on the right side of the river Tarn. Vines are cared for according to “lutte raisonée” principles, according to organic practices and avoiding chemical treatments. Grapes are harvested by hand and fermented on indigenous yeasts in temperature-controlled, stainless steel tanks. The “Méthode Gaillacoise” requires wine to be bottled before it has fermented completely dry; the remaining yeast and sugar then ferments dry in bottle, producing a natural, light effervescence. No dosage is added. (