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Thank you for your interest in jobs at Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center. We are excited you are exploring hospitality careers at our hotel! We offer a collaborative and creative work environment that gives you room to grow with us. Join a dedicated team of co-workers who love what they do at Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center.

If you are an seeking part-time employment (MSU student or non student), please visit to view a listing of open positions and/or submit an application.

If you are seeking full-time employment, please visit to complete an application.

Grow Your Resume and Your Future at the Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center!


Multiple employment opportunities are available in every hotel department including Guest Services, Culinary, Banquets and the State Room Restaurant. We also offer professional intership opportunites in Event Planning, Housekeeping Management and Restaurant Management. Our flexible scheduling allows you to balance your education and work experiences.

Here are some comments from a few former MSU students regarding their experiences at Kellogg:

"This is real hands-on experience. What I learned while working at Kellogg could not have been taught in any class. I learned how to think on my feet, solve problems and guest issues quickly and effectively, and most of all,  how a hotel/conference center operates. Having had experience in both the housekeeping and front desk at one property was a HUGE benefit to my career growth. I learned that communciation is one of the biggest factors that can make or break how efficiently a hotel runs and how important it is to have those skills. If you have the drive and curiosity to gain extremely useful knowledge about this business, the Kellogg Center is a great place to work."
                 - Amie Zwald, MSU Hospitality Business, Housekeeping and Front Office

"The State Room has done so much for me. From the high level of expectations I've learned to have for myself and co-workers to the understaning of how restaurant managment works in the real, my experience has helped me understand what's important and realistic in class and what is not. All
the State Room Managers made a hug impact on me and my future career. I will never be able to thank them enough for what they've done for me and the rest of Kellogg."

                 - Patrick Sullivan, MSU Hospitality Business, State Room Restaurant

"I learned how to multi-task and prioritize. I am better at communicating with customers and have a better understanding as to what goes on behind the scenes at events. I was very appreciative of my time with Kellogg when I went on job interviews as I had a lot of real life experiences to talk about. This really helped with situational questions."
                 - Morgan O'Mara, MSU Professional Writing & Public Relations, Kellogg Center Sales Office

"I really enjoyed working at Kellogg during college and it definitely benefited my degree. It gave me a lot of exposure to the hospitality and service industry. I also learned a lot about time management, met some really great people and loved all the staff. I was able to build my leadership skills by learning how to lead a team and how to properly train people."
                 -Jaclyn Bell, MSU Hospitality Business, Banquets

"I found that what I was learning in my classes at MSU could be applied directly to my workplace. Conversely, everything I was learning hands-on helped me contribute to meaningful class discusssions. All of the managment staff took a great interest in my development, and having that support confirmed that I had chosen the right career path."
                 - Spring Eisenzimmer, MSU Hospitality Business, Gift Shop and Front Office

"I gained valuable experience in maintenance and engineering functions of the hotel, working with other departments to set up events and managing crisis situations. I learned how to service HVAC equipment and perform preventative maintenance throughout the hotel." 
                 -Joseph Fulton, MSU Hospitality Business, Engineering

"I benefited from working at the Kellogg Center by improving my interpersonal skills as well as forming relationships with guests and co-workers. I learned how to work in an upscale enviornment and pay attention to detail."
                -Justin Jones, MSU Kinesiology, State Room Restaurant

"Being able to work in the accounting department helped me see the back scene of the hotel. It also helped me brush up and continue to build on my accounting and financial knowledge."
                -Fei Fei Want, MSU Hospitality Business, Real Estate Investment & Managment Specialization, Accounting

"I learned a lot about food and food preparation that I did not know previously. I gained experience in a fine dining setting and improved communication skills with high profile people."
               -Ash Iregbu, MSU Civil Engineering & Psychology, State Room Restaurant

"The most important thing I learned was TEAMWORK. Another was how to build connections with guests. My Kellogg Center work experience was really a fantastic and unforgettable journey."
              -Juan Chen, MSU Masters Degree in Hospitality Business, Front Office

"My Kellogg Center work experience improved my communication skills and patience dramatically. I learned how to manage my time efficiently, work with difficult customers, and problem solve when issues arise."
              -Katie Hicks, MSU Elementary Education & Communications, State Room Restaurant

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