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Thank you for your interest in jobs at Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center. We are excited you are exploring hospitality careers at our hotel! We offer a collaborative and creative work environment that gives you room to grow with us. Join a dedicated team of co-workers who love what they do at Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center.

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Grow Your Resume and Your Future at the Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center!

Multiple employment opportunities are available in every hotel department including Guest Services, Culinary, Banquets and the State Room Restaurant. We also offer professional internship opportunities in event planning, housekeeping management and restaurant management. Our flexible scheduling allows you to balance your education and work experiences.

Here are some comments from a few former MSU students regarding their experiences at Kellogg:

I was able to apply classroom knowledge to what I was doing on the job. I also learned a lot of time management skills that were critical to balance classes and clubs. I worked with and met guests from all over the world.  Everything I have learned can be used in the future. 
Rachel Bower, Hospitality Business

Everyone at Kellogg Center wants you to succeed. The experiences that I received is what got me my job after graduation. All the managers and department heads are really knowledgeable and willing to share their experiences. I learned that working in a hotel is an overall team effort and in order to succeed you need to work together.
Mackenzie Cole, Hospitality Business

I learned a lot about coordinating events, behind the scenes activities, interactions throughout the hotel, and how to manage your time.
Corbin Holwerda, Hospitality Business

I got my two internships and my full-time job because of my Kellogg Center experience.  I gained valuable leadership skills, saved money, and made great friends.
Keith Robbins, Hospitality Business

I had never worked in the service sector before, but being able to work coherently with a team and deliver great results to our customers is gratifying both personally and to the Kellogg brand.
Natalie Escotto, Advertising

This job taught me how to manage my time, become a good leader, and strive for the best in every aspect of life. I learned how to be a committed employee and a team player. I also learned how to act in a professional setting, which will help me in my future career. I made a lot of friends and am happy the Kellogg Center played such a large part in my college career.
Megan Westman, Physiology

I learned how to work with a group of people to accomplish goals. I learned this through group projects in my classes too, but it was very different here because of the time crunch of events. I also learned teamwork, time management, work ethic, and comradery.
Nate Datema, Finance

My supervisor position helped me learn how to lead a staff and delegate work. Also, working closely with the managers to see how they interact with guests and handle difficult situations will help me post-graduation.
Jacqueline Gustin, Food Industry Management

It taught me how to work, while maintaining a good GPA. I also learned how to multi-task, which can be applied to life in general. 
Kyler Ransom, Food Science

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